Saturday, July 5, 2014

Preparing to Depart

OKLAHOMA CITY- Well, the bags are all packed (thanks to my mother's excellent suitcase Tetris skills), the electronic devices are all charged and ready to entertain while I'm flying, all my travel documents are printed and ready to go. Now I'm having lunch with friends and family before heading to the airport. 

My flight will leave OKC for Chicago at 3:12pm. I'll leave Chicago for Munich at 6:05. I'll arrive in Munich tomorrow morning at 9:50am local time (2:50am Oklahoma time), and I will change plans in Munich and should be in Leipzig by 12:30 local time (5:30am OK time - Germany is 7 hours ahead of Oklahoma, for future reference). 

I love flying so not something in nervous about. However, this will be my first time to fly solo with no friends or family so that's exciting. All told I will be in transit for about 14.5 hours. 

As the place in staying at does not have internet, I may not be able to post again until Monday or Tuesday, but rest assured that there will be updates as soon as I can get them up. 

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